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Pneumatic Switches

Versatile Control Solutions For Automation Applications

Pneumatic switches from Univer Jet Series offer a versatile and reliable solution for control applications across various industrial automation processes. Available in compact designs with M5 threaded or quick-release tube fittings, these switches can be seamlessly integrated into existing pneumatic systems.

Comprehensive Range Of Switch Designs

MasterMac2000 in Queensland stocks a wide variety of pneumatic switch designs to suit different operating requirements. Some key varieties include:

Tappet valves – Basic on-off switches with a push-button actuator and spring return mechanism. They provide robust and reliable operation for general control applications. Tappet valves are available with or without built-in shock absorbers, allowing for softer actuation where needed.

Roller trip valves – Utilize a sensitive roller mechanism that is easily activated using very light contact forces. This makes them well-suited for applications requiring soft-touch or delicate control signals such as object positioning. The roller design trips open or closed with minimal applied pressure.

One-way roller trip valves – Similar to roller trip valves but incorporate a one-way flow design that only allows air to pass through in one direction. This differentiates the opening and closing control functions, preventing unintended retraction. Ideal for processes where separate controls are needed for two switch states.

Palm valves – Ergonomic push-button style switches designed for direct hand operation in applications like manual tooling or process machinery. The palm design ensures comfortable actuation directly at the point-of-use. Larger contact surface and lower operating forces make them easy to trigger by hand during machine operation or maintenance.

Panel mount valves – Variants featuring a compact housing for secure mounting through enclosure panel walls. The actuators are accessibly mounted on the external panel surface for convenient control directly through the panel. This style protects the internal valve components while placing the control within easy operator reach.

This broad range of switch styles allows users to select the best fitting solution according to their unique process needs.

High Performance In Minimal Space

Univer Jet pneumatic switches have been carefully designed to deliver full functional capabilities within highly compact form factors. Key specifications across the product line include:

Parameter Specification
Operating temperature -10 to +90°C
Maximum fluid temperature 50°C
Connections M5 threaded or Ø4mm quick-release tubing
Maximum pressure rating 10 bar
Typical flow rate 70 Nl/min at 2.5mm orifice

Additionally, switches use high quality construction materials like zinc alloy, nitrile rubber and nickel-plated brass to withstand harsh conditions. The interchangeable poppet valve design also provides reliable performance over long operating cycles.

Tappet Valve Specifications

Part Number Connection Operating Force (N) Weight (kg)
AI-9000 Tube Ø4 mm 14 0.060
AI-9010 Tube Ø4 mm 14 0.060
AI-9020 Tube Ø4 mm 14 0.060
AI-9030 Tube Ø4 mm 14 0.060

Tappet Valves With M5 Threaded Con

Part Number Connection Operating Force (N) Weight (kg)
AI-9000M M5 14 0.060
AI-9010M M5 14 0.060
AI-9020M M5 14 0.060
AI-9030M M5 14 0.060


Roller Trip Valve Specifications

Part Number Connection Operating Force (N) Weight (kg)
AI-9100 Tube Ø4 mm 7 0.085
AI-9110 Tube Ø4 mm 7 0.085
AI-9120 Tube Ø4 mm 7 0.085
AI-9130 Tube Ø4 mm 7 0.085

Roller Trip Valves With M5 Threaded Connection

Part Number Connection Operating Force (N) Weight (kg)
AI-9100M M5 7 0.085
AI-9110M M5 7 0.085
AI-9120M M5 7 0.085
AI-9130M M5 7 0.085


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