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Adjustable Diaphragm Pressure Switches

Reliably Monitoring Process Pressures

The adjustable diaphragm pressure switch is a vital component for monitoring and controlling pressures within pneumatic automation systems and process equipment. With adjustable switching points and electrical outputs, it provides a cost-effective solution for reliably detecting pressures and initiating responses.

Versatile Switch Design for Wide-Ranging Applications

TecnAir manufactures a range of adjustable diaphragm pressure switches suitable for general compressed air and fluid applications across industries including automation, manufacturing, and more. Switches are available with port sizes from 1/8″ up to 1″ depending on specific flow and pressure monitoring needs.

Diaphragm materials can be selected to suit diverse fluid types including air, water, oil, and various chemicals. This includes common NBR formulations as well as EPDM, FKM, silicone, and HNBR options to accommodate fluids at varying temperatures and properties.

Switches deliver repeatable switching with set points adjustable between full scale minimum and maximum pressure parameters. Circuitry protects against short circuits and overloads to maintain long operational life even in demanding industrial environments.

Precise Switching Performance Ratings

TecnAir adjustable diaphragm pressure switches are engineered to deliver precise and consistent switching performance. Key ratings and specifications ensure reliability:

  • Switching frequency up to 200 cycles per minute
  • Contact life expectancy of 106 cycles at rated load
  • Fast pressure response rate of ≤ 1 bar per millisecond
  • Adjustable hysteresis band from 5-30% of set point for repeatable switching thresholds
  • Vibration resistance up to 10g from 5-200Hz protects functionality
  • IP65 enclosure rating (IP00 when optional cover fitted) guards internal components

Compact Design with Versatile Mounting

The compact switch design maintains high accuracy in a small footprint well-suited for industrial automation applications with limited space. R1/8″ threaded port allows direct installation into pneumatic lines and vessel walls.

Protection caps are optionally available to safeguard electrical terminals during transportation and installation. Switches can also be surface or panel mounted using standard M5 threads on the enclosure.

Quick Specification Reference

Parameter Specification
Pressure media Compressed air, oil, water, chemicals
Voltage rating 42V DC max
Current rating 4A resistive max
Contact rating 100VA max
Temperature range -40°C to 120°C depending on seal material
Switching frequency 200 cycles/min max
Cycle life 106 cycles min
Enclosure rating IP65 (IP00 with cover)
Dimensions Ø33mm x 44mm body

Reliable Pressure Monitoring Solutions

TecnAir adjustable diaphragm pressure switches provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for monitoring pneumatic pressures in a wide variety of industrial processes and automation equipment. Contact MasterMac2000 for assistance selecting the right switch design, specifications, and accessories for your unique application requirements. Our Brisbane-based team is ready to support you with technical guidance, quotes, and reliable supply.


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