Filter Types for Specific Vacuum Filtration Applications

vacuum filtration

How to determine if such type of filter is fit for use in a specific vacuum filtration application?

Contaminants, that come along with air or gas supply lines, when left unchecked can affect the efficiency of the pneumatic components. But they can be cleaned up just as easy as how we install a filtration system. Yet, choosing the correct type of filtration system for a specific application is the difficult part.

Industries require different filtration specifications depending on the operating environment as well as the pneumatic systems, and also, filters differ from each other, reasons why there’s a need for accurate decision-making. For incorrect application may do more harm than good.

Might as well be in the know of the different types of filters that are commonly used in vacuum filtration systems for industrial setting. And here are as follows:

Adsorbing Filters

In certain applications, the use of adsorbing filters usually come as the final step, removing hydrocarbon vapour and oil from the compressed air stream. Also, this type of filter is used for breathing air preparation as well as drug and food applications where products are directly in contact with exhaust air. It is immediately used downstream from a fusing element given that optimum adsorption occurs at lower temperatures, such filter must be installed as near to the point-of-use.

Particulate Filters

Pneumatic components can be worn out by large particles such as desiccant dust, debris, and rust of which are often the product of desiccant air dryers, compressor intakes, and old carbon steel pipes, respectively. The best of particulate filters have pleated patterns for the purpose of maximising the surface area to strain dirt fragments.

Coalescing Filters

Usually, are installed in air filtration systems, coalescing filters are best at removing rust, oil, water, and other air supply contaminants. For mainline plant filtration, coarse coalescers are used, whereas fine coalescers are usually used in pneumatic tools, paint spraying, and robotics applications. For critical processes, the ultrafine coalescer is used in semiconductor instrumentation and packaging.

Water Separators

With the use of water separators, water or moisture can be removed from pneumatic components keeping them away from causing damage. Usually, are used in removing bulk liquids as well as large water-borne solids, this filter protects other filter elements from liquid loads.

Know that these filters may vary when coming from different sources even if they have similar specifications. For it depends on the design and how the filters were made.

If you think we missed to mention other types of filters that are commonly used in vacuum filtration systems, might as well comment them down below!

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