Learn How to Use Your Vacuum Efficiently With This Comprehensive Vacuum Filtration Guide

vacuum filtration

How can vacuum filtration enhance the efficiency of vacuums?

Finding the right vacuum filter can be a challenging task for business and industry owners. A lot of considerations should be taken into account when selecting the right vacuum filter. We need to test the vacuum efficiency to keep our workspace clean and suck in dry and liquid debris such as metals and other valuable materials. We also need to test its performance, longevity, and reliability. How can we ensure ourselves that we’re choosing the right vacuum filtrations that can cater our professional and maintenance needs? Here are the different vacuum filters to choose from.

Two Types of Vacuum Filtration

Before we delve into the different vacuum filters, you need to know first its  two broad classifications namely:

Primary Vacuum Filters

These type of vacuum cleaners possessed more than one filter. Depending on the vacuum cleaner, one of its vacuum filters will act as the vacuum default primary filter. The primary filter can collect and suck a substantial amount of dirt, dust, and air particles before it’s exhausted to the environment.

Secondary Filters

Vacuums with a secondary filter will filter the air for a thorough cleansing after passing through the primary filter. If you have an allergy or asthma, then it’s recommended for you to get a vacuum cleaner with secondary filtration because it filters the air from airborne microbes, allergens like pet hairs, dust, and dirt thoroughly.

Different Types of Vacuum Filters to Choose From

Cartridge Filters

This type of filters are disposable, so you need to change it from time to time. You might also consider your budget for its replacements if you want to avail cartridge filter. What’s great about this filter is that you can easily detach it and simply tap the dust off to increase its efficiency to filter the air. These are also easy to replace and fix because it only uses a rubber casing. Cartridge filters can serve either as your primary or secondary filter.

Cloth Filters

You can commonly find a cloth filter in large vacuum cleaners since they are meant to be used in commercial shops and establishments, construction sites, and industrial workspace. What’s great about cloth filters is that they are washable, so you can replace it less often. You can find cloth filters in vacuum shops, and cleaner models. If you want a long-term vacuum cleaner, then this might be the right one for you since you can use it for a long period of time before purchasing a new one.

Foam Filters

Its primary purpose is to filter and separate dust from the air before it gets released from the environment. Like the cloth filters, foam filters can be washed and reused. However, before doing so, you might need to read your manufacturer’s manual first to know the proper procedure for washing and cleaning it. Keep in mind though that foam filters can only filter air, nothing more.

Disk Filters

Disk filters are mainly used as the primary filter and are mostly made either with cloth or paper. The disk filters act as portable filter machine for vacuum cleaners with cordless models. However, it can only sustain a low amount of dirt and dust because it often needs to be rewashed or replaced. Furthermore, purchasing this kind of vacuum filtration can be pretty expensive because of its structure.

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