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Kenos KVG60 with Piab suction Cups

pneumatic gripper configurator

  • KVG60 Profile with Vacuum ejectors Si32-3 or connection for vacuum pumps with a high flow capacity. The length of the profile can be defined per millimetre. 
  • Piab Suction cups, select from almost the entire program. Customer defines the number of cups and distance between them.
    NOTE: There can only be one row of suction cups along the gripper and the suction cups must be the same make and model.

    • The Configurator Tool will make sure that the product is configurated correctly by dismissing options for over-sized cups due to the selected C-C distance, number of cups, and total length of the product.
  •   Flow control technology can be selected for each individual cup. Restrictors can be added for sealed materials as well as piSAVE Sense valves when handling porous/leaking objects.   

Target application  

  • Top loading, i.e. loading of several identical objects into carton boxes or bins in packaging lines within the fast consumer goods manufacturing industry. 
  • Unloading several objects at the same time from boxes or bins. 
  • Sorting objects from Point A to Point B in packaging lines.
  • Palletizing/Depalletizing rows of smaller boxes/objects.
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