KVG60C configurator tool for Kenos grippers



With Piab’s new configurator tool, it is easy and quick to digitally design a KVG60 gripper system equipped with vacuum generation as well as Piab’s suction cups and flow control valves.

Select from nearly all of PIAB’s suction cups, define the length of the gripper by millimetre, and set the space (c-c distance) between suction cup on the gripper.

As a result, channel partners and/or customers (end-users, integrators, or machine builders) get technical information, drawings, CAD downloads, and pricing information immediately for the gripper tool they need.


*   KVG60 Profile with Vacuum ejectors Si32-3 or connection for vacuum pumps with a high flow capacity. The length of the profile can be defined per millimetre.
*   Piab Suction cups, select from almost the entire program. Customer defines the number of cups and distance between them.
NOTE: There can only be one row of suction cups along the gripper and the suction cups must be the same make and model.
*   The Configurator Tool will make sure that the product is configurated correctly by dismissing options for over-sized cups due to the selected C-C distance, number of cups, and total length of the product.
*     Flow control technology can be selected for each individual cup. Restrictors can be added for sealed materials as well as piSAVE Sense valves when handling porous/leaking objects.

Target application

*   Top loading, i.e. loading of several identical objects into carton boxes or bins in packaging lines within the fast consumer goods manufacturing industry.
*   Unloading several objects at the same time from boxes or bins.
*   Sorting objects from Point A to Point B in packaging lines.
*   Palletizing/Depalletizing rows of smaller boxes/objects.