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Video: piFLOW®t – How to best convey tablets and capsules


Successfully solving the problems of using vacuum technology to convey delicate tablets, Piab introduces piFLOW®t, the industry’s first dedicated tablet conveyor. Promising to revolutionise the automated handling of tablets and other fragile and valuable products, the piFLOW®t features innovative and ground breaking new technology (patent pending). Suitable for transporting up to four million tablets per…

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Video: Liam – An Innovation Story


True innovation means considering what happens to a product at every stage of its life cycle. Liam disassembles your iPhone when it’s no longer functioning, so the materials inside can live on.

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Video: Extend the lifetime of your conveyor


The video shows how simple it is to upgrade your old C conveyor to the new piPREMIUM platform. It provides the possibility to extend the lifetime of the conveyor. The upgrade consists of a new COAX® powered vacuum pump called piPREMIUM, along with a cover, shock tank and control valve. The upgrade just snaps on…

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Video: HMS Hood Bell recovery

HMS Hood Bell

On August 7, 2015, a Paul G. Allen expedition recovered the HMS Hood Bell. The bell will be restored and given to the British Royal Navy to memorialize the 1,415 men lost at sea.

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